Engaging – Effective – Activity-Based 

Spanish Course For Grades 1-5

Teacher's Manual with 28 Lessons

Vámonos Curriculum is


Easy to Use

Packed with resources for educators, Vámonos lays out theme-based lessons in an easy-to-read format. Cartoons demonstrate teacher-student interactions, and printable handouts help reduce "prep time." Ideal for both novice and seasoned instructors with a range of Spanish fluency.

Fun and Engaging

The Vámonos activity-based approach uses games, music, crafts, TPR tasks, and pair work to engage kids through play and movement. Adapted immersion ensures that children hear and speak Spanish as much as possible.

Flexible and

We set out to create an effective, affordable curriculum that offers a range of activities from which teachers can choose. Not crazy about music? Vámonos also provides games, crafts, and storytelling so instructors can create a Spanish class that they enjoy, too.

What makes  ¡Vámonos! unique?

  •  ¡Vámonos! provides a model for teaching children a second language in a way that mimics how they learned their first one – through adapted immersion and play.
  • Every theme-oriented lesson includes a selection of crafts, games, music, Total Physical Response (TPR) tasks, pair work, and stories in Spanish. You'll find that ¡Vámonos! is a treasure trove of meaningful activities and resources.
  • With ¡Vámonos!, we had the unique advantage of testing  activities in a live classroom through a local Spanish program.  ¡Vámonos! has also been reviewed by a professor of Spanish Language and Literature.
  • ¡Vámonos!  is appropriate for bilingual instructors as well as instructors with a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish (such as parent volunteers).
  • ¡Vámonos! incorporates accepted theory and best practices from the fields of Applied Linguistics and Child Development

Engaging Activities to Teach Kids Spanish

Juguemos en el Bosque, a traditional Latin American game used in the Vámonos curriculum

Juguemos en el Bosque, a Latin American game used in the Vámonos curriculum

Listen & Draw, a TPR activity used in the Vámonos curriculum

Simón Dice -The Spanish version of Simon Says

L2 Ball Toss - A great way to practice grammatical patterns

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The curriculum used physical movement, songs and experiential activities to engage students and enhance language learning.”

— Heidi Binder, parent —