Photo Gallery

L2 Ball Toss - A great way to practice grammatical patterns

L2 Ball Toss- "Me gusta azul"

Simón Dice -The Spanish version of Simon Says

Listen & Draw, a TPR activity used in the Vámonos curriculum

Listen & Draw - A student draws the colors and clothing she hears

Listen & Draw – Students listen carefully to the teacher's directions


Juguemos en el Bosque - Jessie helps the "wolf" prepare for his role

Juguemos en el Bosque - Students sing as they walk in a circle

Juguemos en el Bosque, a Latin American game used in the Vámonos curriculum

Juguemos en el bosque, a Latin American game used in the Vámonos curriculum

Story time - Jessie introduces the bilingual book she plans to read outloud

Story time - Children eat snacks and listen to a story in Spanish

"We were so grateful for this Spanish program for our daughter. She learned a lot and had fun in the process!"
- Gretski Lieberman, parent

The curriculum used physical movement, songs and experiential activities to engage students and enhance language learning.”

— Heidi Binder, parent —